Mom and me.

This is the end?
Like this?

In disbelief,
but know it’s true.

I’m broken.
I’m numb.

Forever wishing,
I did more for you.

This is the end?
In this place?

With chaos and noise,
and sad face after sad face.

With caring staff,
but too few.

This is the end?
Like this?
For you?

It can’t be,
but it is.

Take your time, Mom.
I don’t need to know when.

I’ll be here.
Because this is the end.



Every day I hurt.
Long goodbye takes its toll.

Lucky to have family help settle the weight,
and fill my soul.

I hurt.
But I’m content.

I’m scared and know why,
but their smiles make me fly.
Memories with Mom too.

Details don’t matter.
Not words either.

One way or another,
she says ‘I know you’.

Still, it all takes its toll.
Each day shows more of the hole.

It’s coming.
It’s here.
I’m spent.

I hurt.
But I’m content.

Kept going,
is where I went.

To get through.



Matt Perrin

Matt Perrin


Surrounded by Alzheimer’s and Lewy Body Dementia. Founder of Ro & Steve. Working my way through life and dementia caregiving.